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The origin of the name "Anewandter" is not clearly documented. There is evidence that it could mean "at the (rock) wall", other sources say the name "Anewandter" could mean  "to turn over", as in plowing the field. 

Uttenheim is located at 840 m above sea level and belongs to the municipality of Gais, near Bruneck, the Puster Valley’s principal village. According to Finsterwald, an onomastician, the name "Uttenheim" has its roots in the old Bavarian name "Uota".

Uttenheim was officially mentioned in 993 for the first time. The Lords of Uttenheim established a castle on a rock above the village around the 11th century, the ruins of this castle can still be seen today.

Way back when, in 1929, Mr Jakob Mairl purchased the well-established "Anewandter Village Inn"
with all auxiliary farm buildings. Since a guest house is usually the center of village life, it is not surprising that at this time the post office and the shoemaker were also located right in the Anewandter Inn. At this time, the Anewandter Inn had about five guest rooms.

1939 - 1945
What follows are the difficult times during the second World War (1939 - 1945)
which left its marks on Uttenheim, too. Our grandmother, Margareth Mairl, remembers soldiers often being put up in the guest house during this time.

In 1974, the son, Max Mairl, takes over the "Gasthof Anewandter". Tourism in the Puster Valley and the Kronplatz is booming and thus, the traditional inn is expanded and becomes the "Hotel Anewandter". There are thoughts to move the Anewandter farm.

In 1988, the resettlement of the "Anewandter farm" is applied for at the Municipal Council and approval is given. Thus, the resettlement of the farm is a done deal.

In 1996, the Spa is built based on Roman designs; at the same time, new and comfortable guest rooms are added.

Another conversion takes place at the Hotel Anewandter
in 1997, adapting and expanding the guest rooms.

Three years later, in 2000, the new farm is ready for occupancy. It is designed with much attention to detail and expands our capacity for holiday guests  by adding four beautiful apartments. There are also four modern horse boxes in the adjacent stable. A paddock and the rural surroundings turn a family holiday into a vacation in harmony with nature in the holiday region Kronplatz.

The lively spirit of the former village guest house is omnipresent in many small details at the Hotel Anewandter. At the same time, we pay attention to the preservation of traditions and the improvement of comfort for our guests. Thus, for example, the hotel lift is installed in 2005.

In 2006, Martin Mairl and his wife Monika take over the hotel business.


In 2007, our guestrooms are again modernized and adapted to comply with the increased quality demands of holiday guests. At the same time, the hotel meadow is transformed into a wellness oasis with hotel gardens. It becomes the center of hotel social life with its comfortable pavilions, which provide the stage for lively barbecues and garden parties.

Additional qualitative modifications in the guestrooms take place in 2012. 

From March to April 2015, major construction takes place, adding two new farmer’s parlors to the existing lounges and the beautiful new "Anewandter Suites", which take the term "Holiday" to a whole new level.

In spring 2018, more reconstruction works will take place with new suites, a new entry area, bar, reception, kitchen and dining room. The outdoor area will be re-designed and the "Stube" world will be expanded.

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